DIY heart shape elbow patch jumper

Hey guys! My first DIY!!!
It’s a heart shape elbow patch although you can use any shape and the last picture is of one I made a few days ago so it’s a diff jumper, you can do this with any combination of jumper and fabric, don’t forget to share this post and comment what you’d like next week! I can update more as it’s half term! Send me pics of your DIY jumpers! One last thing, this is a no sew yay!!

What you’ll need:
A jumper(mines from New Look)
A piece of fabric or felt
Hemming web(more than pictured though!)
An iron
A template of whatever shape you’re using
Measuring tape

Step 1: Draw around the template on the fabric/felt


Step 2: Cut out the shapes you just drew onto the fabric/felt


Step 3: Turn sleeve over a put hemming web under shape where your elbow will be


Step 4: Iron over shape


Step 5: Measure it on both sides to make sure they are in the same spots and add hemming web under the second shape and iron

Here is my finished result! (Different jumper)

Tweet me your DIY jumpers at @boybands_brands and comment what you’d like next week also don’t forget to share the post!!
Love Chloe


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