Chesire Cat Make-up | Halloween Tutorial

This is a great Halloween make up which you could pair with pink and purple striped clothing or with a Cheshire Cat onesie.
What you need
-Black gel eyeliner(I used miss sporty fabulous eyeliner and highlighter)
-Eyeshadow brush
-White/ cream eyeshadow (I used a Vanilla colour from my Soap & Glory palette)
How to do it
Step 1- Do normal face and eye make up (don’t do anything on the lips)
Step 2- Use the black eyeliner to make an outline of a smile with the eyeshadow brush, it needs to be huge and exaggerated and needs to take up most of the bottom half of your face.
Step 3- Fill in the outline with more black liner, again with the eyeshadow brush.
Step 4- Make teeth by drawing triangles with the eyeshadow so that you have both top and bottom sets of teeth.
Ta-da, easy make up and costume for halloween! This took me like 20 minutes to do so it was pretty quick to do. I’ll do more tutorials very soon!


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