Creepy Doll Make Up and Luke Hemmings Costume | Halloween Tutorial

Hey guys,
2 tutorials today (yes you read that right!)

First of all we have the creepy doll which was quite hard to do because of the layers but it would be easier if you have white powder (which I didn’t). For the costume and dress & shoes would work for a doll look.
What you need

– White face paint
– Black eyeliner (I used Barry M liquid liner and Miss Sporty gel eyeliner)
– Black face paint (optional)
– Red lipstick (I used face paint)
– Bright pink blush (I used Miss Sporty lipstick)
– Bright eyeshadow (I used blue from my Soap & Glory palette)
– Black mascara (I used Thick and Fast Mascara from Soap & Glory)
How to do the look
First I applied the white face paint(I would use white powder if you have it) and then I used my pink lipstick as blush but it didn’t work very well because of the face paint so the powder would make it work better. After that I used black face paint to make my eyebrows stand out, then I used blue eyeshadow as well as liquid liner on the top row of lashes and gel on the bottom row and applied a few layers of mascara. Then I applied the red face paint as lipstick and used gel eyeliner to make stitches which also went along the lips as well.

Luke Hemmings Costume

This is a basic and easy costume, dark skinny jeans, a band t shirt (I used 5SOS but you can use any band) and a flannel shirt, you could add a choker necklace and dramatic eyeliner for a more “punk rock” look.

See you soon,


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