Blogmas Day 1 – Doctor Who Tag

Hey guys,

Another kind of different post today, the doctor who tag because i fricking love doctor who and what a way to start blogmas as doctor who is a main part of christmas to me

when did you start to become a fan of doctor who?

I started becoming a fan when it was the first episode of new who (Rose)

favourite doctor?

David Tennant all the way, with a bit of Christopher Eccleston

favourite companion?

Rose and Rory definitely!

favourite episode?

I think it would have to be “The Empty Child”(as well as The Doctor Dances obviously!) and “Listen” both of them purely because they’re the only episodes that actually made me scared!

least favourite episode?

The unicorn and the wasp because of obvious reasons like what even was that episode…

least favourite doctor?

I generally love the doctor but if I had to say one it’d have to be Peter Capaldi because we don’t know him as well and Moffatt has written his character badly

if you are give a chance to become a companion, what kind of companion are you?

I would probably want to adventure like Rose and because of how attached I am to the Doctor I think I would probably fall in love with the doctor like her…

worst monster you have ever seen in doctor who?

The terrible CGI wheelie bin in “rose”

greatest monster you have ever seen in doctor who?

For me the daleks as they strike fear in me but I love them at the same time…

anyway that’s it for now, I’ll be trying to do blogmas although it may be every other day…





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