Blogmas day 2 | what’s on my iphone?

Hey guys,
Another tag, one day soon I’ll do a beauty / DIY post but idk i thought this would be a good idea, so here’s whats on my iphone!

First page – it’s mainly the utilities apps (I have my apps in colour order)

Clock, stocks, BBC iPlayer, Taylor Swift UNSTAGED (because I love Taylor haha), maps, notes, calculator, free music (because i can’t afford new eyeliner how can I afford music), passbook, facetime, videos, app store, weather, mail, safari, Candy Crush (I’m addicted, level 245, what about you?)

Second page – I have my folders on this page (my folders are named as a subtle tribute to Harry Styles)

iTunes store, Manage Christmas (I’m trying to be co-ordinated this year, especially as I’m a real life elf(first job!!)), settings, camera, countdown+, photos, game center, calendar, reminders.

First folder – Extrastagram

Compass, SkyView Free, DoISleepTalk (Turns out I do), BBC weather, contacts, newstand, indeed jobs, voice memos

Second folder – Musicstagram

Spotify, 8tracks, Shazam, Shazam Encore

Third folder – Photostagram

Retrica, Visage lab

Fourth folder – Blogstagram

WordPress, bloglovin

Fifth folder – Socialstagram

Goodreads, instagram, youtube, quizup, snapchat, IMDB, younow, vine, bandsintown, vidibee, skype, messenger,    facebook, twitch

The four apps I have on the bottom bar are – phone, messages, music and twitter

I’ll hopefully be doing another post tomorrow (technically today but yanno)





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