Blogmas Day 3 – A Day In The Life Of An Elf

Hey guys,

I know this is a day late but I’ll catch up soon, I promise!

The first post is a day in the life of an elf (I work as an elf so its my day!(sorry if I’m boring haha) )

8:30 – I wake up on a Sunday at this time and can barely keep my eyes open because its too early

10:30 –  I get to the shopping centre I work at, the grotto is based on Elsa’s castle and it’s amazing tbh haha.

At the grotto there’s 5 jobs for the elves!

The first job is taking the childrens names and ages (it’s also a good idea to check the gender to avoid giving the wrong present..) and write down if they want a picture with santa and take the money etc…

Then the second elf will look at the name and find the appropriate present for their age and gender and write the childs name on it, then take their picture with Santa if they paid for it, this can be difficult because a LOT of children cry!

Then the next elf will run the camera to the printer (if there’s only 4 elves in on that day the second elf does this) whilst the kids are still in there and return to the inside of the grotto, after which the fourth elf will wait for the picture to print (it often takes a while to print) and when the kids come out will put the picture in the card and give the kid a sticker if they want one and a competition form.

Then the last elf will stand around on the tombola which is pretty painful because no one buys anything at the tombola, it’s like 3 people an hour.

All the elves switch roles and I’ve only worked 2 days and this is my first job so its pretty brilliant

5:30 – I go home and eat and watch gossip girl till like 1am

Anyway, byeeeee!

I’ll catch up soon!

See you soon,




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