Blogmas day 4 & 5 | DIY Photostring & wall art quote

This is a 2 in 1 post so I counted it as 2 days so that I’m back on track with blogmas!

DIY Photostring
I’ve seen a few people do this but I did mine with a kind of twist ….
What you’ll need
6 pieces of string (multicoloured)
Hole punch
A selection of photos
Something to hold it up with like tape or hooks (I used duct tape)
How to make it
I used 2 pieces of each colour (pastel blue, pastel yellow and pastel pink) and tied a know at one end, I plaited it for a tiny bit but to be honest I got a bit bored so I left it haha, and then I punched a hole at the top of each picture and threaded them through the end of the string where there isn’t a knot and then tie it off when all the pictures are on, simple as that, then you stick it on the wall!!

DIY Wall Art Quote

This one took me a while because I picked quite a long quote

What you’ll need
A quote
Lots of paper
Sharpies(or any felt tips, but sharpies made my parents think I had actually paired on the wall)
Blu Tack

How to do it
First you’ll need to find your quotes and some writing styles, I did a different style for each word and used the styles I knew I could do well.
Then sketch out the quote with the writing styles you’re using and colour them in and outline them black
Then cut out the letters individually (I did this over 2 days) and attach them to the wall in order using Blu tack on each corner-y bit.
After mine was on the wall I decided to add initials of the person who said it.

That’s it for today’s blogmas


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