My Addictions

Hey guys,

The term “addictions” gets thrown around a lot these days and in this culture it’s hard to distinguish between addiction and obsession. I sometimes struggle to distinguish between the two especially as I have an obsessive personality (if I like something such as a band or TV show I will get ridiculously attached to it).

So without further ado, here is my list of addictions-

Pepsi – I don’t even know why I have this addiction but it’s safe to say it’s not going away anytime soon as I drink like a litre a day which I know isn’t healthy…. I’ve been told by many people but ah well I’ll live.

McDonalds – Maybe it’s the rumoured addictive additives or maybe it’s the fact I rarely had McDonalds till I was 12 and look at me now I cant go a week without it.

Fast food – Scrap McDonalds actually, I’m addicted to most fast foods, just not as bad as I am to McDonalds. I’m addicticted to KFC, Chinese food, Fish ‘n’ Chips, pizza and more.

TV Shows – When I watch a TV show I can’t just watch them casually, I have to binge watch them. Take what I’m watching now, Supernatural, the other day I watched a season in a day. That’s 22 episodes and 40 minutes each. That’s not normal is it?… This ties in with my video on fandoms, you can watch it here!

Anyway my view on addictions is that they’re not good but they’re a part of human nature and if your addictions aren’t damaging you or people around you, let them be.

Leave your opinion on addictions in the comments!





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