General Election Results

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This post was going to be about Disney but that post will go up next week…

As a Labour supporter I was obviously disappointed, but more so because of the future that the Tories will give us, higher tuition fees, privatisation of the NHS, increased usage of food banks and increased rates of homelessness.

I went to bed at 1am last night with Labour having 6 seats, Conservatives having one and Lib Dems (I think) having 1 seat, so needless to say I was hopeful…

But when I woke up it was a completely different story, Conservatives had almost won a majority and Labour having done not so well… All being said I’m over the moon UKIP only got one seat!

As I said at the start of the post, tuition fees are more likely to rise again making it even tougher for people to get into university unless they’re wealthy, I, not being wealthy, hate this, only recently have I decided I want to go to university so I haven’t been saving my whole life but one of the main things I liked about Labour was that they’d lower tuition to £6,000 (which is still a lot but it’s better than £9,000 a year) but I guess me going to university is out of the window!

The Tories are also probably going to privatise the NHS, I fail to see how this helps anyone, I mean the NHS is something Britain prides itself on, but the thing people seem to forget is that the NHS came in under a LABOUR government, not Conservative. Privatisation means many vital services such as CAMHS will be cut or have large fees, this is terrible because CAMHS help so many people and are vital to the country.

One thing that has made me happy throughout the election was #milifandom , I must admit I was a part of it… I love the way it made young people aware of politics and brought attention to how Murdoch is a bully and not to judge someone on looks. It also made people realise that young people DO know what they’re talking about when it comes to politics, even if they’re not of voting age(which I wasn’t sadly) and also inspired many young people to vote.

One thing Britain desperately needs is education on politics taught in high school PSE for example, I’m in a performing arts class full time, there are no PSE lessons in college so how am I supposed to learn about politics, this is one of the key reasons young people aren’t voting.

All being said and done, this election has made me realise that I want to make a change, whether that is run for MP in 2020 or start a charity, I know that that’s what I want to do with my life!

Comment with your views on the results!

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