Blogmas Day 1 – Doctor Who Tag

Hey guys,

Another kind of different post today, the doctor who tag because i fricking love doctor who and what a way to start blogmas as doctor who is a main part of christmas to me

when did you start to become a fan of doctor who?

I started becoming a fan when it was the first episode of new who (Rose)

favourite doctor?

David Tennant all the way, with a bit of Christopher Eccleston

favourite companion?

Rose and Rory definitely!

favourite episode?

I think it would have to be “The Empty Child”(as well as The Doctor Dances obviously!) and “Listen” both of them purely because they’re the only episodes that actually made me scared!

least favourite episode?

The unicorn and the wasp because of obvious reasons like what even was that episode…

least favourite doctor?

I generally love the doctor but if I had to say one it’d have to be Peter Capaldi because we don’t know him as well and Moffatt has written his character badly

if you are give a chance to become a companion, what kind of companion are you?

I would probably want to adventure like Rose and because of how attached I am to the Doctor I think I would probably fall in love with the doctor like her…

worst monster you have ever seen in doctor who?

The terrible CGI wheelie bin in “rose”

greatest monster you have ever seen in doctor who?

For me the daleks as they strike fear in me but I love them at the same time…

anyway that’s it for now, I’ll be trying to do blogmas although it may be every other day…





Something a bit different…

Hey guys, I’ve had writers block at the moment, so I thought I’d just write about what I’ve been loving at the minute, not really beauty, just TV and music and stuff 🙂

Recently I’ve been trying to get through a list of tv shows and films but I have a few favourites, at the minute my fave tv shows are the secret life of the American teenager (I just finished the whole show 😦 ) and glee and the Big Bang theory and my favourite films at the minute are a million ways to die in the west and a Christmas carol (the disney version) and the polar express and the perks of being a wallflower!

My favourite songs at the minute are blank space (but seriously how awesome is the song and the video!) and 18 by 5SOS because it’s always been my fave song as well as the one direction song!

I’ve also been loving different flavours of popcorn because it’s healthier than crisps like bacon and maple syrup flavour and sweet n salted and bonfire treacle lollies!


That’s it for now because I’ve been so busy with college and such but I’ll have more ideas once it’s time to get excited for Christmas(well when it’s acceptable!) !

What are your faves at the moment?

Love ,

Creepy Doll Make Up and Luke Hemmings Costume | Halloween Tutorial

Hey guys,
2 tutorials today (yes you read that right!)

First of all we have the creepy doll which was quite hard to do because of the layers but it would be easier if you have white powder (which I didn’t). For the costume and dress & shoes would work for a doll look.
What you need

– White face paint
– Black eyeliner (I used Barry M liquid liner and Miss Sporty gel eyeliner)
– Black face paint (optional)
– Red lipstick (I used face paint)
– Bright pink blush (I used Miss Sporty lipstick)
– Bright eyeshadow (I used blue from my Soap & Glory palette)
– Black mascara (I used Thick and Fast Mascara from Soap & Glory)
How to do the look
First I applied the white face paint(I would use white powder if you have it) and then I used my pink lipstick as blush but it didn’t work very well because of the face paint so the powder would make it work better. After that I used black face paint to make my eyebrows stand out, then I used blue eyeshadow as well as liquid liner on the top row of lashes and gel on the bottom row and applied a few layers of mascara. Then I applied the red face paint as lipstick and used gel eyeliner to make stitches which also went along the lips as well.

Luke Hemmings Costume

This is a basic and easy costume, dark skinny jeans, a band t shirt (I used 5SOS but you can use any band) and a flannel shirt, you could add a choker necklace and dramatic eyeliner for a more “punk rock” look.

See you soon,

Chesire Cat Make-up | Halloween Tutorial

This is a great Halloween make up which you could pair with pink and purple striped clothing or with a Cheshire Cat onesie.
What you need
-Black gel eyeliner(I used miss sporty fabulous eyeliner and highlighter)
-Eyeshadow brush
-White/ cream eyeshadow (I used a Vanilla colour from my Soap & Glory palette)
How to do it
Step 1- Do normal face and eye make up (don’t do anything on the lips)
Step 2- Use the black eyeliner to make an outline of a smile with the eyeshadow brush, it needs to be huge and exaggerated and needs to take up most of the bottom half of your face.
Step 3- Fill in the outline with more black liner, again with the eyeshadow brush.
Step 4- Make teeth by drawing triangles with the eyeshadow so that you have both top and bottom sets of teeth.
Ta-da, easy make up and costume for halloween! This took me like 20 minutes to do so it was pretty quick to do. I’ll do more tutorials very soon!

Life Update

I’m so so so sorry about the lack of posts, to tell you the truth, I wanted to post everyday but I couldn’t come up with any good ideas for posts! I will post more for definite now, not on a schedule though any more! This could be a long one

Anyway I’ll fill you in with my life at the minute, I finished school on the 20th of May when we had a party in tutor with Dominos and sweets and drinks and then at lunch we went onto Top Field and signed shirts and took pictures, that night I went round to my friends house for the first time in ages and had fun, it was weird because I hadn’t met up with them in ages…. I went to see my idols 5 Seconds Of Summer and One Direction on the 8th of June at Wembley which was one of the best nights of my life despite the fact we were lost in London till 1.30 am and I had an exam the next day and we didn’t get back till 5 am. I finally finished my exams on the 12th of June, nothing really happened for like a month…

But on the 4th July I had my prom, my date was my friend Joel and I also went with my friend Ebony and spent the night with my best friend Maddie, My next few posts will probably be about prom and I can honestly say it was one of the best nights of my life although if I could change anything, I would wear my flats when I arrived and not heels (BIIIIIIIIIIIG mistake, I fell over and my friends had to help me walk…

Today I deactivated my main twitter to focus on my social life and college and my blog, and it’s already feeling like a weight has been lifted!

Also, I’m finally 16!! My birthday was on Sunday and I went to pizza express with my friends Joel and Ebony, we went to the park after and it was a really good day just because I was with friends!

Results day is 8 days away, I’m so nervous for my results, if you have your results day soon, how do you feel about it? Also college starts in 21 days and I only just got confirmation I’m allowed to do the A levels I want IF I get the results I need argh!!!



Review: Beauty UK Matte-FX Foundation

Just a quick post tonight but quick review is better than nothing eh?

I ran out of my old foundation (*cries*) and they didn’t have my shade so I thought I would give this a try!

The price was amazingly cheap, I think it was £2.99
It’s oily when you put it on but it looks amazing with powder on, it’s a bit off my shade but I think I can pull it off by blending it a bit!

Anyway that’s all I have time for tonight!


DIY heart shape elbow patch jumper

Hey guys! My first DIY!!!
It’s a heart shape elbow patch although you can use any shape and the last picture is of one I made a few days ago so it’s a diff jumper, you can do this with any combination of jumper and fabric, don’t forget to share this post and comment what you’d like next week! I can update more as it’s half term! Send me pics of your DIY jumpers! One last thing, this is a no sew yay!!

What you’ll need:
A jumper(mines from New Look)
A piece of fabric or felt
Hemming web(more than pictured though!)
An iron
A template of whatever shape you’re using
Measuring tape

Step 1: Draw around the template on the fabric/felt


Step 2: Cut out the shapes you just drew onto the fabric/felt


Step 3: Turn sleeve over a put hemming web under shape where your elbow will be


Step 4: Iron over shape


Step 5: Measure it on both sides to make sure they are in the same spots and add hemming web under the second shape and iron

Here is my finished result! (Different jumper)

Tweet me your DIY jumpers at @boybands_brands and comment what you’d like next week also don’t forget to share the post!!
Love Chloe

Tutorial- Valentines Day Makeup

Not necessarily just for valentines day, could be anyday but it seemed like a valentines-ish make up look!
What you’ll need (what I used & shade is in brackets) :
Concealer (Rimmel-hide the blemish- soft honey)
Foundation (miss sporty – so matte – ivory)
Pressed powder (miss sporty – so matte – medium)
Highlighter – optional (soap & glory – glow it all out)
Bronzer – optional (soap & glory – solar powder)
Blush (Avon colour trend cheek and lip balm – pink)
Red lipstick (avon – shimmering wine (discontinued))
Pencil eyeliner – optional(from a magazine… – black)
Liquid eyeliner – optional (Barry M – black)
Eyeshadows (soap & glory – vanilla, minky and dandy plum)
Lipgloss (soap & glory – sexy mother pucker)
1) Apply concealer, foundation, pressed powder and highlighter
2) To contour – Suck in cheeks and apply bronzer along cheekbones
3) Apply blush on the apples of your cheek
4) Apply lipstick and lipgloss
5) Apply pencil liner to under eye and on the top (to outline liquid)
6) Go over pencil liner on top eyelid with liquid eyeliner
7) Apply mascara
Hope you enjoyed this post, if you try it send me a pic on Twitter: @boybands_brands
Until next week,
love Chloe



Soap & Glory – Thick & Fast Mascara

My first product review! Sorry it’s up a bit late, I didn’t want to upload a day late on my second post! Anyway onto the review!
This mascara is very easy to apply and generally looks good after one coat although it can be a bit clumpy. At £10.50 it’s quite expensive but definitely worth it! I got mine as part of a make-up kit for christmas from my parents so I didn’t have to pay for it thankfully! I would rate this product 8/10, I’ll post again next week, hopefully earlier in the day haha!
Love Chloe